Truck drivers talking while standing between Class 8 trucks and trailers in a parking lot.

Who are we?

EnviroCool is a family-owned small business founded in 1997 and located in the heartland of America just southwest of St. Louis in Sullivan, Missouri.

We are on a mission to develop an advanced universal cooling system for the commercial trucking industry. A cooling system that could be retrofit into any truck and that used simple principles to dramatically improve heat transfer while also reducing parasitic engine load.

Over the last decade we have been perfecting an advanced electric Air Management System and an Alkaline clean-as-you-drive coolant filter.

Two solutions to the industry’s rising under hood heat situation.  We are committed to develop and launch new products that not only boost vehicle cooling efficiency, but reduce fuel consumption up to 10% and beyond.

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Our mission

Over the last two decades we have created unique technologies to solve these rising heat issues once and for all. A universal Air Management System designed to redirect and control under hood airflow, and an alkaline coolant cleaning filter designed to eliminate the need for coolant flushing and is the only “cleans-while-you-drive” filter available. Together these products save fuel and money, reduce emissions, restore power, reduce maintenance intervals and total cost of ownership, and transform a heavy duty truck into an Aftermarket Super Truck.

This is our mission at EnviroCool. To revolutionize under hood thermo-aerodynamics and to give fleets more options for reducing costs and extending component life cycles.

About our founder - George R. Sturmon

EnviroCool is the latest truck parts manufacturing brand from innovator George Sturmon. Since 1987 George has engineered unique products for the aftermarket, founding both ATRO and Steer King which were recently acquired in early 2021.