Helping to Solve the Rising Heat Problem Under the Hood of Your Heavy Duty Truck

May 19 2021

Helping to Solve the Rising Heat Problem Under the Hood of Your Heavy Duty Truck


Rising heat in heavy duty engines is an increasingly common issue for heavy duty truck owners and operators, and there’s no wonder why. Today’s engines demand more than ever from coolant systems through increased emission standards that require Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on diesel engines, hotter burning fuels, tighter engine compartments from aerodynamics and thinner coolant passageways.

According to the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, energy produced by heavy-duty engines is enormous, but the problem with the engines is that energy produced is not efficiently used, with only 40% utilized by the engine and the remaining 60% wasted in the form of heat. Your truck’s cooling system has to ensure that the engine can heat up quickly and then remain at a constant temperature without getting too hot.

“Hoods and engine compartments that were optimized for external aerodynamics and 400-hp engines now contain larger power plants that produce a lot more heat,” trucknews explains, adding that EGR components add to the issue. “We’ve created a perfect environment for cooking engine components.” Overheating is a top issue with heavy-duty trucks, and it all comes down to the cooling system.

Eliminating Heat is the Challenge in Keeping Trucks Cool

Elimination of excess heat is critical for optimal truck performance, as the cooling system in your truck is the engine’s defense against heat. Proper maintenance and other preventative measures helps ensure the engine won’t be overburdened with operating under extreme high temperatures.

Successful elimination of excess heat in the cooling system starts with a properly maintained, clean system. To effectively clean a diesel cooling system with standard cleaners, the system is usually treated by draining and flushing the engine to remove loose particles, then refilling with coolant.

Tips for mitigating heat in your heavy-duty truck engine:

There are a number of typical industry standards to help you avoid overheating and the damage it causes your truck.

  • Shorten Preventative maintenance intervals, draining, flushing and pressure testing the system more frequently than the once-a-year industry standard.
  • Pressure wash the radiator/CAC/AC condenser from the engine side and spray debris out from the front of the cores, which will remove debris that’s insulating the heat exchangers and lowering their efficiency.
  • Add inhibitor mixtures, but remember that inhibitors don’t dissolve corrosion products or gel that has already formed, which can cause issues down the road as scale can break off in chunks and damage surfaces in the engine.

 What if there were an easier way? There is!

There’s a product that actually extends maintenance cycles, eliminating the need to drain and flush the cooling system, and eliminates the need for inhibitor mixtures, knocking out time-consuming tasks and optimizing the old methods of mitigating heat.

EnviroCool’s Coolant Cleaner Filter is the heavy duty-truck owner and fleet manager’s new weapon, keeping your coolant system clean, thereby helping reduce heat issues.

Extend the Life and Efficiency of Your Heavy Duty Truck

EnviroCool Coolant Cleaner Filters actually do clean while you drive, eliminating downtime and the need to drain or flush the cooling system.

Other benefits include:

  • 100% reduction of clogs in the radiator
  • Reduces heat-related engine failures
  • Reduces antifreeze usage by 35%
  • Increases cooling system efficiency up to 30%
  • Eliminates internal deposits in the cooling system

How does it work?

EnviroCool Coolant Cleaner Filters work in two steps: installing the cleaner filter in place of the traditional coolant filter and driving for 10,000 miles. Then, replacing the cleaner filter with the inhibitor filter and driving for 100,000 miles. Eliminating the need to drain and flush coolant can save thousands of dollars, all while protecting the vehicle from heat related parts failures or catastrophic engine damage.

Beneficial effects of preventative maintenance can not be understated, and we all know traditional methods can be an hours-long process that takes your truck off the road, costing time and money. Rethink the process and put our preventative maintenance solutions to work for you.

Learn more about how EnviroCool technology can help keep your heavy-duty truck coolant system clean and operating efficiently.