Cleaner & Inhibitor Dual Filter Kit

The EnviroCool Cleaner Filter is spin on coolant cartridge to replace the standard inhibitor filter.  FILTER THREAD SIZE IS 11/16.

It contains a time-released alkaline cleaning formula designed to dissolve scale, green goo, and build up in the cooling system without damaging the metals in the system from traditional acid cleaners. A 10-micron filter collects dissolved particulates. The chemistry allows for the filter to stay installed and clean while driving – removing the need to flush and clean your system and the downtime that takes. Simply spin on the Cleaner Filter and operate the vehicle as normal for 10,000 miles or 4-6 weeks.

Then replace the Cleaner Filter for the EnviroCool Inhibitor Filter. This is a premium grade inhibitor designed to compliment the Cleaner chemistry. It is a compatible system and will protect your truck from coolant issues for 12 months or 100,000 miles. Repeat the two filter changes annually for optimal benefit.

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