Cooling System Cleaner Kit

A time-released alkaline cleaner formula in a spin-on coolant filter that dissolves scale, rust, and deposits in the cooling system – while operating the vehicle and without damaging metal surfaces or seals. A 10-micron filter collects and contains deposits without draining and flushing. The Cleaner Filter is used for approximately 10,000 miles or 200 hours whichever is first.  Afterward replace the Cleaner Filter with the compatible Inhibitor Filter to recharge the system and protect it from scale and deposits forming for 100,000 miles or 2,000 hours, whichever is first.

Used annually, the two filters maintain the cooling system’s highest efficiency for optimum benefit. A spin-on filter base adapter can be retrofitted on any engine or cooling system.  EnviroCool Filters are land-fillable, saving disposal costs while also reducing the amount of coolant used over time.

Spin on filter thread size is 11/16-16. 

Compatible coolant filter bases available online include:
Baldwin: CFB5000, Donaldson P550840, Wix: 24019

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