Air Management System


Advanced Under Hood Thermo-Aerodynamics


Remove Dead-Headed Air & Restore Power



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EnviroCool is the future of heavy duty cooling systems.  The Air Management System is engineered as a drop-in retrofit solution that revolutionizes under hood airflow and cooling.  The unique high-performance electric fan system with custom cowl induction hood transforms big rigs into Aftermarket Super Trucks saving up to 10% fuel, restoring 65+ horsepower with fan on, reducing under hood temps up to 50%, and lowering fan noise by up to 50 decibels.

Air Management System

Advanced Underhood Thermo-Aerodynamics For Heavy Duty Trucks & Buses.


Custom drop-in fit fan box mounts directly to the full surface of the radiator and replaces the entire belt-driven fan assembly. All incoming ram air through the grill and heat exchangers enters the plenum.


Custom built high-performance electric fans are mounted inside the plenum and forces all incoming ram air outside of the hood through custom ducting. Hot radiator air is no longer dead-headed into an already hot engine compartment. Specialty blades and motors allow the fans to move plenty of air through the system at any time whether moving or stationary and use a fraction of the electric and HP that a large engine driven fan uses.


Custom full width cowl induction hood scoop at the base of the windshield directs cool air into the engine compartment and into the engine air filter. Exit air ducting under the hood allows the heated engine compartment air to be suctioned out by the venturi effect. The hot radiator air leaving the plenum ducting flows over the engine compartment exit ducts creating a vacuum and bringing it into the exiting airstream. Custom new all in one hoods can be used, or a shop-ready modification template can be used. Paint schemes and decals can be matched to existing design.


Airflow and cooling naturally occur at just 2mph from the custom ducting. At highway speeds and during high load the fans automatically engage to cool the engine when needed. By removing the dead-heading effect and allowing air to freely pass through the vehicle this improves the coefficient of drag and adds to the overall fuel savings. Removing the parasitic load of the belt driven fan greatly reduces fuel consumption when driving and idling and improves up-hill performance by restoring over 60 HP.


Custom built and programmed controllers and hardware from New Eagle continuously monitor underhood air temperature, pressure, horsepower, road grade, and fuel consumption. Data is encrypted and sent through the cloud to home servers to monitor truck and driver performance in real time. Live fuel savings data is calculated and displayed for both the driver and the fleet manager back at base. A detailed summary of vehicle performance, GPS location, fuel and component data can be synced to any computer or device through the AMS Dashboard Software.

What is the EnviroCool Air Management System?

EnviroCool has you covered with two innovative solutions. An advanced underhood air system and an advanced coolant cleaner filter. We give you back control of your underhood airflow and cooling control.

Up To 10%

Fuel Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the greatest efficiency upgrades without modifying the engine or overall cab/trailer aerodynamics.

Dead-heading is when incoming ram air gets stuck in the engine compartment without a clear path to exit. In some cases you can feel air exiting back through the front grill of the vehicle.

The Air Management System redirects hot radiator air immediately outside the vehicle through hood ducting and high-performance electric fans. The hot radiator air is not able to enter the already hot engine compartment.

The AMS has two main parts. The electric fan box attached to the radiator and the custom cowl induction hood. The hood features a full length cowl induction scoop at the base of the windshield. Air flows over the hood and into the cowl which then splits half of the air into the engine air intake, and half into the engine compartment. This air then exits the hood through special ducting that acts like a vacuum.

The AMS replaces the large heavy belt driven fan that can leach 65+ horsepower from the engine when engaged under a load and up a grade. The high=performance electric fans use fractional horsepower motors totaling no more than 2 HP. Removing the parasitic load off the engine consumes less fuel with fans on. Additionally the custom air ducting reduces the front air resistance and coefficient of drag by allowing incoming air to slip through the hood rather than dead-head and create more drag.

The industry is slow to adopt new ideas. The racing industry has been using these principles for decades. EnviroCool founder George Sturmon served as the Committee Chairman on TMC in 2001 tasked with investigating rising temperatures as a result of new tech to offset emissions. EGR valves and tighter aerodynamics were creating and trapping more heat. EnviroCool holds over 20 global patents for the AMS and is now installing the first commercial systems in partner test fleets.

The AMS is a drop in retrofit system, however it does require specific sizing and some custom modification that any truck shop/body shop can perform. A single truck can be upgraded in 2-3 days by removing the belt driven fan and components, dropping in the AMS fan box and attaching necessary hardware, and ordering a custom new hood or attaching custom ducting to an existing hood through a special template that will modify the stock hood.

The AMS hood decreases air resistance and coefficient of drag. There is minimal down stream effect on overall aerodynamics. The hot exiting air is defused once it exits the ducting.

Consult your truck dealership for specific OEM warranty information. The AMS is covered under EnviroCool’s 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty to be free from defects. Additionally EnviroCool offers an EPA Certified Guarantee to reduce emissions and preserve fuel through the EPA Smart Way program. The AMS has been tested in a climactic wind tunnel, extensively through 3D Modeling and Simulation, and through real world on road applications.

The AMS is customized for each make and model of truck. Fleets can expect a return on investment in 1-2 years depending on their drive cycles and geographic location from temperature and road grade. Contact us to get an estimate for your truck(s).

The AMS hood is professionally made by leading hood manufacturers and installed by certified mechanics and body shops. The hood and ducting can be painted to match your truck body color. It will not only fit perfectly it will turn your truck into an “Aftermarket Super Truck” and look the part.